Maps, Rocks, and Places

Geography is about more than the capitals of countries you’ve never heard about.  Geography is about place, and anything that has a place is geography.  Geographers study the distribution and spread of disease.  They study how landforms are changed by the forces of man and nature.  They study the diffusion of slang terms.  They look at the distribution of particular styles of architecture within a community as a surrogate for the origin and culture of the people who live there.  Anything that has a place or a distribution in space is fair game.  Geography is about us and our world.  And most of all, geography is about maps.  Beautiful maps.



Geography is deep in our roots at the Turtlshel Project.  Come in and find out more than you ever knew there was.  And maps.  Beautiful maps.

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Nerd Fashion


Sometimes there’s just nothing better than jeans and a pair of Chucks.  Or a good jacket.  A fine Oxford shirt.  Or a bow tie.  Bow ties are cool.  We’re not high fashion here – we just like to look and feel good.

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Turtlshel Makerworks

Take something apart.  Put it back together.  Do better than putting it back together – make it better than it ever was before.  The maker movement is an international expression of the unquenchable human desire to make things that are useful and beautiful.

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Learn Something New, Be Something More

Version 3.1 of YOU is just around the corner.  Maybe they’ll be announcing it at the next MicroApple Developers’ Conference.  I wonder what kind of FEATURES it will have.  Maybe a new degree, or a bunch of new skills?  Or maybe YOU 3.1 is just totally badass.  Upgrading YOU is up to YOU.  Be what you want to be.

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Introducing Nerd Q&A

You have questions.  You do, really, I promise.  Or somebody had a question.  We have answers.  Lots of answers.  We have answers in search of questions.  We have answers in search of answers.  We even have answers that like foreign films and long walks on the beach.

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How to Write a Spy Novel: Various Resources from Around the Web

Here is a collection of resources for writing spy novels that I collected with I took a break this spring from NaNoWriMo madness to try something new. Fresh from reading Olen Steinhauer’s Milo Weaver trilogy (The Tourist, The Nearest Exit, and An American Spy), all of which I loved, I wanted to try my hand at the classic spy novel. I dove head first into plotting and writing. I didn’t finish. In fact, I didn’t really get much further than a completed outline and some character profiles. Some day I may actually finish my novel about a newly hired spatial analyst working for the diplomatic service in Minsk, Belarus who is plunged into the world of covert intelligence operations when his Ukrainian girlfriend, who turns out to be a foreign agent, tries to murder him. Until then, I have a number of resources I found in the process of putting together my ideas. Maybe they will be useful for you.

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Turtlshel is Much More than You See Here

Hacks, videos, music, tutorials, nerd news, and more.  The Turtlshel Project Network has much more than just what you see here.  Check it out.

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