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Here is the second installment from my Favorites folder. This time I’m looking through the folder of GIS links. I guess it’s been quite a long time since I’ve looked through these links and cleaned them out, because there are millions of them (not really), and some of them are worthless.

As a little disclaimer, since I live and work in Washington State, a lot of my data links are for Washington State. Sorry to all of you looking for stuff on, say, Zimbabwe, or something. The links are split up by general topic, but I haven’t put them in any further order than that. Hopefully I will eventually annotate all of these, so that you don’t have to visit them to see exactly what they are, and to give you some idea how good the sites are.

Free Geospatial Data

Washington State Maps at University of Washington Libraries (09/09/05)

ArcData Downloader (09/09/05)

Washington State DOQs and DOQQs (09/12/05)

Washington DNR GIS Data (09/12/05)

Free GIS Data (09/12/05)

StreamNet Salmon and Stream Data (09/12/05)

USGS GISDATA Map Studio (09/12/05)

Landsat Imagery Data Access (09/12/05)

NGDC GLOBE Project (09/12/05)

GTOPO30 Global Topographic Data (09/12/05)

Washington State DRGs (09/12/05)

HYDRO1k North America Data Page (09/12/05)

National Atlas Raw Data (09/12/05)

Mount Saint Helens DEMs (09/12/05)

Pacific Northwest Biological Geospatial Coverages (09/12/05)

Inside Idaho GIS Data (09/12/05)

USGS Seamless Data Distribution

Guide to Mostly On-Line and Mostly Free U.S. Geospatial and Attribute Data (09/12/05)

Northwest Subbasin Geographic Data Browser Home Page (09/12/05)

UA Census 2000 TIGER/Line Files (09/12/05)

USGS Geographic Data Download (09/12/05)

3D Visualization Software (Free and Otherwise)

3DEM Downloads (09/09/05)

GIS Software (Free and Otherwise)

Map Maker – Desktop Mapping (09/12/05)

Free GIS and CAD Software (09/12/05)

GIS Knoppix (09/12/05)

FreeGIS Database (09/12/05)

Jump Unified Mapping Platform (09/12/05)

GIS Tutorials

DRG Tutorial (09/12/05)

Environmental Applications of GIS (09/12/05)

Minnesota DNR GIS/GPS Training Materials (09/12/05)

LandSat Tutorial (09/12/05)

Citizen’s Guide to Spatial Data and NSDI (09/12/05)

Mt. Rainier Challenge: Superior Overlays using 3DEM (09/12/05)

The Remote Sensing Tutorial (09/12/05)

Scale, Accuracy, and Resolution in GIS (09/12/05)

Making a Map (09/12/05)


ArcPad Evaluation (09/12/05)

ArcVoyager (09/12/05)

ArcView Tutorials

Columbia River Basin Environmental Research Project Curriculum (09/09/05)

Introduction to ArcView GIS 3.x (09/09/05)

ArcView Tips and Tutorials (09/09/05)

PASDA’s ArcView Tutorial (09/12/05)

Preparing tables for use with ArcView and ArcGIS (09/12/05)

ArcUser Magazine (09/12/05)

Terrain Modeling with ArcView GIS (09/12/05)

ArcView Scripts and Extensions

ArcView Scripts Downloads (09/09/05)

Image-Tools (v2.6) and DRG-Tools (v3.7) (09/09/05)

Minnesota DNR ArcView Extensions (09/09/05)

Impervious Surface Analysis Tool (09/09/05)

Polygon in Polygon Analysis (09/12/05)

Watershed Delineation Extension (09/12/05)

GIS Fonts (09/12/05)

ShadeMax Color System (09/12/05)

BASINS: Better Assessment Science Integrating Point & Nonpoint Sources (09/12/05)

GIS Information Portal

Web Resources Compiled For Terrain Modeling (09/12/05)

Digital Grove (09/12/05)

Open-Source GIS (09/12/05)


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