Desirable Watershed Conditions

The capture, storage, and beneficial release of water.
The Watershed Manager’s Mantra

To achieve the watershed manager’s goal of capturing, storing, and releasing water in a safe and beneficial way, he must:

  1. Maintain vegetation on the site sufficient for absorbing the energy of precipitation (so raindrops hit leaves and dissipate their energy – raindrops splatter soil, but they also plug pore spaces, which lowers infiltration, and increases runoff, which means an increase in erosive potential.).  *Enhances infiltration
    • (organic soil has higher infiltration) *Vegetation delays movement of water toward and into drainage pathways.  1in rainfal on 1ac exerts 900ft-tons of energy.
    • Increasing velocity increases the capacity of water to do erosive work.
    • A slower raindrop has much more time to infiltrate.
    • The more water that plants absorb, the less water to run over the surface.  Less surface water equals less erosion.
  2. Maintain minimal drainage density.  The higher the drainage density, the better the drainage (more risk of flash flooding, water leaves the system quicker).  Achieve highest possible sinuosity.
  3. Optimize temporary water storage.

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