SQL for Geographers

I have friends that live for GIS. They would probably eat, drink, and breath it if they could. Although I often use GIS and GIS products in my work and studies, I am really not much of a GIS power-user. However, even I, in my not-so-powerful-but-still-adequate-for-my-needs GIS type of way, was able to recognize that the blog¬†SQL for Geographers¬†(which is, unsurprisingly, about using SQL with GIS) could be very useful in some circumstances. About the site, Jeremy, the site’s author, says:

“This blog is dedicated to the integration between GIS and enterprise level relational databases. I am a Geographer by trade with a strong interest in relational databases. I have been in the GIS field for 10+ years and the database field for 7. The amount of data waiting to be spatially enabled within enterprise databases is extraordinary. I hope to show in this blog working examples of database-GIS interaction. Many examples that I will show are implemented within Oracle 9.2 and ESRI’s SDE 8.3. Hopefully most of the SQL algorithms will transfer to your implementation.”

I couldn’t help wondering, though, if the site gets many visitors, being such a niche blog. I found it; maybe that answers my question.

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