Dawn, with her rose-red fingers

I have been reading the wonderful Fagles translation of the Odyssey.  There is a beautiful line that repeats again and again, somewhat in the role of “meanwhile, back at the ranch,” that speaks of Dawn, with her rose-red fingers.  The arrangement of my daily schedule usually prevents me from from seeing dawn, and the sunrise.  This morning, however, I walked Beanie to school and then continued on to work.  When we left the house, the sky was the most brilliant rosy-red, and I had some sense of what Homer must have been seeing when he wrote of Dawn with her rosy-red fingers.  Feeling very happy, and wanting to share, I explained to Beanie about Dawn, and her rosy fingers pulling back the curtain of night.  Beanie’s response?  “The sky is pink.”  Maybe someday.

Creative Commons Image, Uploaded on October 24, 2009 by Magnera, http://www.flickr.com/photos/magnera/4039940200/in/photostream/

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