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A couple of months ago I found The Nerd Handbook at Rands in Repose.  “Rand” has a number of very interesting a useful articles, but I found The Nerd Handbook to be the most interesting.  There are a number of insights in the article that, being a nerd myself, I found enlightening.  Things like the pressing urge to create or make something that I have felt constantly without relief throughout my life. What a relief to find that it is a common ailment for nerds.  Or my tendency to drop activities once I’ve mastered the new and interesting skills involved, even if the task is not yet complete (and sometimes just feet in front of the finish line).

I have been much for conscious of the word “cool” since I read the article – Rand mentions that he often finds himself saying it when he has all the information he needs, or has filled his interests, and the topic of conversation continues.  While I am pretty shure that cool is not the word I use to fill that role (although I have realized since reading The Nerd Handbook that I say cool a lot), I am pretty sure I must have something like it.  I often find myseld in meetings or on conference calls where I have everything I need to know in the first couple minutes of a several hour conversation.  What more is there to talk about?  Tell me what you need done, and when you need it done by, and I’ll take care of it.  Just don’t make me sit through the meeting.

The last thing about The Nerd Handbook – I immediately emailed it to Becky.  We’ve been married for almost ten years, and she knew me for many years befor that.  It’s about time she gets an explanaition of what she got herself into.  It took a couple months of reminding, but she read it, and like me, Becky recommends The Nerd Handbook as required reading for anyone with a nerd in their life.



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