Raising a Glass in Memory of Geoworks

Having just passed the 25th anniversary of Microsoft Windows, there have been several reviews  (like this one, and this one) of long-lost Windows competitors.  Certainly in our family the only time we used Windows was when we needed sound, because our Turtle Beach sound card was Windows only.  So Windows 3.0 was used almost exclusively for writing music and playing computer games (but only Windows games – the soundcard didn’t work in DOS, and most of the best games were DOS only – Warlords IIIThe HumansLemmingsThe Lost VikingsUltima UnderworldCivilization, and a whole host of other games).  What did we use instead?  Geoworks.  It wasn’t the best operating system in the world, but its competition was Windows 3 (so not an incredibly high bar to meet), and the Geoworks dot matrix print drivers were amazing.  It could drive my 9-pin printer like it was a $2000 laser (2-10 minutes per page).

To learn more about Geoworks:

Image from ToastyTech.com

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