A long while back I tried to make some bread.  My first attempts were pretty good.  I even made my own sourdough starter, and was pretty successful.  For a week or two. But it was all hard work, and it was hard to fit the timing and needs of the bread into my own schedule in any way.  My starter started to lose its flavor, I had a horrible accident with a pie plate (that I was using to hold water in the over for steam) exploding and filling uncooked loaves with shards of glass, and several times the loaves just didn’t come out.  My bread making trickled off until it was gone.

So a few days ago when I read this on Lifehacker, which pointed back to this article on Lifehacker, which pointed to this article from Mother Earth News (which I remembered reading in the issue back when it came out, and which as a partial inspiration for some of my earlier bread attempts), I though maybe it was time to make some bread again.  I mean, warm daily bread with only 5 minutes (not really, but it sounds pretty good) of work.  Who can beat that?

So here I am, about to start off on a new bread making journey.  Maybe it will last a loaf, and maybe it will last a life.  I’ll let you know when I get there.