The Awesomeness Upgrade Project

As a longtime fan of JRPGs, a genre of computer game that allows upgrading the skills and attributes of characters while progressing through a story line, I have long been interested in the idea of having a system for upgrading myself.  Many of those games feature charted maps or progressive paths of of skills and other upgrades that build one upon the other, so that some things cannot be learned or achieved until others have been mastered.  I have wished to have such a chart, and the mechanisms for upgrading myself.  Put a little bit of extra effort into building up experience points, and I could upgrade my Hit Points, or maybe my Dexterity.  I might even be able to increase my MP.

The Awesomeness Upgrade Project (AUP for short, but it isn’t nearly as fun to say) is my attempt at taking control of who I become and mapping out a course of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial upgrades, and take the steps needed to level up.

Awesomeness Upgrade Project



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