I go through a period every couple of years where I am sick of my beard and go clean shaven for a period of several months to a year.  This last spring and summer were one of those times.  I really hate shaving, but when I do, I like to do it right.  Three or four months ago, getting ready to lather up and use my new Parker 92R Safety Razor, I came across a mention of an old album of jazz musicians called Music to Shave by.  After some intense Googling, I found images of and recordings from the record, and eventually found some more information.  From the site of the Hi-Lo’s, one of the groups that is featured on the record:

Remington Roll-a-Matic Shaver

In late 1959, Remington launched an advertising campaign to promote its new electric Roll-a-Matic razor. The idea was a paper record that could be played on just about any turntable. It was touted as being the first paper record ever to be included in a magazine. The record is known to have appeared in the December 8, 1959 edition of Look magazine.The stars included Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong, Rosemary Clooney, and The Hi-Lo’s. Each artist took a familiar tune and sang the praises of the Remington Roll-a-Matic.

I eagerly jumped on to YouTube to listen to the recording:

The recordings are cheesy as heck (“I feel so trustable and robustable when I’m shaving the adjustable Roll-a-Matic way…” for example.).  And somewhat high-strung.  There is no way that I can shave to something like that – especially when I’m using a safety razor or worse, one of my straight razors.  You need something relaxing that steadies the nerves (and the hand).  So I made my own playlist on Rdio that matches the feel and includes most of the same musicians, but isn’t nearly as cheesy.  Check it out: