Yesterday I mentioned that this summer I started teaching my boys how to play D&D basic “Red Box” manuals.  After we worked through a modified version of the starter solo quest (our younger son is a new reader and I didn’t want to help them both separately through the solo quest, so we modified it a little) and the quest in the DM book, I wasn’t really ready to jump into the supplemental quests.  So I started in on making my own quest.  I found graphics of the classic map elements that I turned into vector graphics, and got to work building maps in Adobe Illustrator.  I am putting the vectors of the classic map elements up for download.  If you use these, please give me credit and link back here:

Download: Classic Map Elements [.ai | .eps]

I think that I was a little ambitious in my first attempt at a map, and ended up breaking it into sections that could be smaller sub-quests.  Below are the full (incomplete) map and the section (A1) that I completed for the first sub-quest.

D&D-Map-with-Elements D&D-Map-with-Elements---A1