Thank You, Microsoft For Giving Me a Reason (Minecraft) to Teach My Children to Hate You

With the purchase of Minecraft, Microsoft, which has seemed to fade out of the public eye in the last decade, has the chance to make enemies of a whole new generation of enemies. Way to go, Mr. Nadella.

Today is the Last Day to Tell the FCC How You Feel About Net Neutrality

Today is the last day to submit online comments to the FCC on Net neutrality!  I have intended for a couple of weeks to submit comments to the FCC on how I feel about Net neutrality, and its upcoming rule-making upholding the ability of Internet Service Providers to slow down access to services that don’t pay […]

Raising a Glass in Memory of Geoworks

Having just passed the 25th anniversary of Microsoft Windows, there have been several reviews  (like this one, and this one) of long-lost Windows competitors.  Certainly in our family the only time we used Windows was when we needed sound, because our Turtle Beach sound card was Windows only.  So Windows 3.0 was used almost exclusively for writing music […]

Stratigraphic Photogrammetry: Part 1 – Calculations for Photometrics on the Olympus C-750

For the last few months, I have been working on a methodology for using terrestrial photogrammetry techniques in capturing stratigraphic profiles. The original idea for this came on the Wenas Mammoth dig (which I wrote about on 10 August 2005), when we were not sure, at one point, if our trench, cut into a wall […]


I was looking on the Cluster Foundry at Sourceforge and came across a link to the Condor Project at the University of Wisconson at Madison. The Condor Project runs across multiple systems. They have versions for Windows and Linux. We have been looking at using openMosix as the cluster component in Turtlshel Linux for the PSC, but openMosix hasn’t […]


Actually I just Googled it, but these days, isn’t Googling a lot like perfoming a literature review? Ok, maybe not. I wanted to see if the concept of the PSC was out there already in the world. What I found was partly what I expected: no-name companies trying to pass off flashy, slightly-faster-than-off-the-shelf computers as supercomputers. […]


This is just a quick list of links to the resources I have found so far for building your own Linux distribution. Info from VIA Arena (This will be a big base for our work on Turtlshel Linux)