Are Girls Allowed to Play Soccer, Dad?

“Are Girls Allowed to Play Soccer?” My daughter asked me this tonight while we watched a Women’s World Cup qualifier. You would think the answer is an obvious “Yes” (and from me it was). But what lesson do we learn from the game FIFA Soccer by EA Sports and from groups like #gamergate? The men’s national teams are there, but where are the women’s teams?

Thank You, Microsoft For Giving Me a Reason (Minecraft) to Teach My Children to Hate You

With the purchase of Minecraft, Microsoft, which has seemed to fade out of the public eye in the last decade, has the chance to make enemies of a whole new generation of enemies. Way to go, Mr. Nadella.

Today is the Last Day to Tell the FCC How You Feel About Net Neutrality

Today is the last day to submit online comments to the FCC on Net neutrality!  I have intended for a couple of weeks to submit comments to the FCC on how I feel about Net neutrality, and its upcoming rule-making upholding the ability of Internet Service Providers to slow down access to services that don’t pay […]

Extinction: 100 Years Since Martha

I remember reading the story in the Scholastic News as a kid – a species of bird so numerous that when it migrated it completely blotted out the sky, sometimes for days.  An abundant species so hounded by hunters that within a human lifespan they were completely gone.  100 years ago today Martha, the very […]

Where are the QWERTY Phones?

After the recent death of my beloved Droid 4, I found myself in the Verizon store looking for an upgrade. Three things were quickly apparent: 1) all the phones these days are freaking huge (I couldn’t find an Android phone that would fit in my pocket); 2) the Verizon staff seemed more interested in the USMNT’s match with Belgium (which in fairness I was doing more watching than phone shopping); and 3) there wasn’t a single QWERTY phone (phone with a slide out, physical keyboard).

Speed Reading and Staples’ Reading Speed Test

Reading is the foundation of my professional and private life. If you can read you can learn anything. It makes sense that if you can read (with comprehension) faster, you can learn faster. This is the part where the cheesy theme music starts, and speed reading steps out onto the stage wearing a cape. Long […]

Susan Cain on Networking for Introverts

Just a quick share.  I’m still in the depths of Nanowrimo and don’t expect to be surfacing at least until the end of the month, but this interview of Susan Cain, author of Quiet, by Marie TV (via Lifehacker).  Was interesting.  I like the idea of setting a quota for the number of social/networking events […]