Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the name “Turtlshel” come from?

The original site,, was home to the Turtlshel Translating Company. As a translator of the Japanese language, I was interested in the mythical origins of the Chinese characters. In one of the popular stories, pre-literate scholars in ancient China would throw the shells of turtles into the fire and then use the unique shapes of the cracks that were formed to divine the future. According to the stories, the shapes themselves started to take on specific, individual meanings as the shapes and their associated divinations were recorded and passed down.

Trying to come up with a name and branding for my [at the time] new business, I decided on Turtleshell. Unfortunately, was already taken, so I dropped a couple letters and applied for a business license. Since then,,, and the Turtlshel Project in general have gone through a number of different incarnations.