Manga & Anime

I love manga and anime. Not as a run-of-the-mill Japanophile - and only in the original Japanese, but not because I'm a snob. I am fluent and literate in Japanese and I enjoy the artform and the story telling. And I'm a big freakin' nerd.


Yesterday I said that I would write about ?? when I had read a little bit. Unfortunately, last night and this morning, I read all four volumes that I bought! About and hour and a half on each one. I liked them so much that I just couldn't stop reading and they flew...


So, I did it again. We went to Kinokunia on Thursday night (3/11) to get the next ?????. Now, it isn't just a little hike to the bookstore when we go. We're talking 2 hours across the mountains each way. I wasn't planning on going back for quite a while, but I...


When I walk into Kinokuniya, I'm lucky to leave with my wallet only $100 dollors lighter. This last Saturday wasn't any different. Because we are hurrying to get ready for the baby coming next month, we went to our favorite bookstore to pick out some ??. Becky bought...



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