I love to listen to and make music. I started school as a music major, although I left after I realized how old I would be before they let me graduate.

Must be Vader

We sing lots of silly songs in our family. We often make up new words to songs – making up a new song to match the immediate situation. It’s something I learned from my mother, and have done my whole life. Now my wife and kids do it. We have even had real...

Alizee – J’en Ai Marre – Live HD

I think Alizee is great, even though listening to her breaks my rule about not participating when I don't know the language.  I posted the original video a long while back, but I like this performance better than the somewhat strange official video.  Alizee is, after...

Alizee – J’en Ai Marre

This song by Alizee, the French pop star, has been out for a couple of years ago, but I just came across it recently.  I don't speak French, and haven't ever bothered to look up the words, but the song is catchy, and the video is strange.  This is a good one.

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