Hi. My name is James White. I am a Japanese major at Central Washington University (CWU) in Ellensburg, Washington. My studies are centered on Classical Japanese. I have been married a little over two years and live with my wife Becky in an apartment on campus. Becky is very pregnant and we are expecting a little baby next month around April 23rd.

I studied Japanese all the way through high school and the through two years of college getting an Associate’s Degree. In thee summer of 1999 I left for Japan on a two year mission for my church. I lived in various places on Okinawa and Kyushu over the two years. I lived among the Japanese people and had very little contact with native English speakers. Because of this, I picked up the speach quickly and a lot of hard work was able learn to read also. When I returned to the States after two years, I enrolled at CWU. Now I have been here for a long, long time.

Except for two brief trips as a consultant and interpreter for the U.S. Air force in Japan, I have been back here in the States for almost three years. The longer I’ve been away from Japan, the weaker my abilities to speak and read Japanese have become. While at one point I knew most if not all of the ?????I can hardly seem to pull out half of those now. That is one of the reasons I am building this site. On the left side-bar is a link to ?????. This is my Japanese journal. It is my hope that I can work on developing my writing by doing exactly that: work on my writing. The journal will be in Japanese. It might be related to the contents of the rest of the site or it might not.

The purpose for the rest of the site, and the real overall purpose for turtlshel.org is to be a compilation of resources for advanced learners of Japanese. The internet is flooded with pages offering to teach basic Japanese. There are so many sites offering to teach ?????and ????. There are books for business phrases and sites full of vocabulary words like ????. These sites are great. They are awesome resources for those who don’t speak yet. But what about the rest of us? What about those of us advanced learners that can speak well and even read passably. What do we do to advance? Where are the vocab lists for us? What books should we read? How do we get listening practice? Speaking practice?

Although most of the resources out there are for beginning speakers, there are great sites, books and software for advanced students of Japanese. Finding and sharing these is the goal of this site.

This site is for those who have come far in their learning journey and are now at a loss as to where to go. To all those of you just beginning on the journey, with all the love I can spare and absolutely no disrespect meant, I tell you that this site isn’t for you. Go somewhere else. There are so many good resources for you. Please do not come begging to be taught Japanese, hoping for some secret formula that will make you fluent. There is none. Only you can exercise those muscles. Good luck in your search.

For those that have traveled far and are now stuck, the rest of the trip begins here.