Writing, writing resources, and NaNoWriMo. Or maybe not so much NaNoWriMo, depending on how diligent I am in writing during November.

How to Write a Spy Novel: Various Resources from Around the Web

Here is a collection of resources for writing spy novels that I collected with I took a break this spring from NaNoWriMo madness to try something new. Fresh from reading Olen Steinhauer’s Milo Weaver trilogy (The Tourist, The Nearest Exit, and An American Spy), all of which I loved, I wanted to try my hand at the classic spy novel. I dove head first into plotting and writing. I didn’t finish. In fact, I didn’t really get much further than a completed outline and some character profiles. Some day I may actually finish my novel about a newly hired spatial analyst working for the diplomatic service in Minsk, Belarus who is plunged into the world of covert intelligence operations when his Ukrainian girlfriend, who turns out to be a foreign agent, tries to murder him. Until then, I have a number of resources I found in the process of putting together my ideas. Maybe they will be useful for you.

The Nerd’s Burden by McClellen

This is not part of my Nerd's Burden series (see part 1 from earlier this evening), but I thought this English class parody of Rudyard Kipling's White Man's Burden (which you can read here) by McClellen of Not So Realistic Fake Apple is pretty good.  Read one of the...

Dawn, with her rose-red fingers

I have been reading the wonderful Fagles translation of the Odyssey.  There is a beautiful line that repeats again and again, somewhat in the role of “meanwhile, back at the ranch,” that speaks of Dawn, with her rose-red fingers.  The arrangement of my daily schedule...

The Stinky Stank, A Poem

The stinky, strong stank That I think that I thank, When I thought that I sank, In the toilet;   Smelled of decomposed feet, And the stuff that you eat, When it’s under the street, Once you’ve passed it.   I tried to climb free, But you didn’t see Me, When...

Peter, Peter Revisited

Peter, Peter, Walmart greeter, Had a wife, but could’t feed her. Took her to the local Shell, And there he left her, very well. (by jflatnote)



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