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  • Star Wars Day LEGO Haul

    Star Wars Day LEGO Haul

    Not that I really need a reason to visit the LEGO store (other than it’s all the way over in Washington Square), but I was lured out today by the Star Wars Day gifts with purchase (GWP). Particularly the coin that is the $85 GWP. I went not realizing that the GWP was only for…

  • Happy Star Wars Day

    Happy Star Wars Day from the Turtlshel Project. Whether you prefer the light side or the dark side of the Force, or just like robots, there’s a place for you somewhere in the Star Wars fandom. Maybe not with the rabid, self-entitled bro-fans who have killed much of the joy and fun of the franchise.…

  • A Brand New Turtlshel. All Over Again, Again

    A Brand New Turtlshel. All Over Again, Again

    Hello, this is just me rebuilding the Turtlshel Project from scratch again. I went to make a post recently and had been locked out of the site, which had been taken over by hackers using Cyrillic characters (Russian? I couldn’t read it, so I don’t know). So I nuked everything and am starting over again,…

  • LEGO #40587 – Easter Basket (April 2023 GWP)

    LEGO #40587 – Easter Basket (April 2023 GWP)

    TL;DR – LEGO #40587 is a surprisingly fun build Long- (and probably even short-) time readers of the Turtlshel Project may remember that I am Buddhist. I don’t get into the Christian holidays much – even the ones, like Easter, that have trappings coopted from other places. So when I received LEGO’s April 2023 gift-with-purchase…

  • LEGO #21324 – 123 Sesame Street – Reloaded

    Where we left off, all the way back last October, I had built the first portion of the LEGO 123 Sesame Street set. In between then and now, a bunch of life happened. We lost one of our dogs. And the partner who gave me the set decided they didn’t want to be in my…

  • LEGO #21324 – 123 Sesame Street

    As a child, LEGO was a major existence of my life. Between the ages of 3 and 14, I could be found laying on the floor with a massive scene – all rendered in rainbow-colored plastic bricks – set out before me. I didn’t know the words at the time, but I have aphantasia. I…

  • Sick Guitar Skills

    Many long-time readers are aware that I am a musician of absolutely no renowned. Should make me a fantastic bard.

  • Yes, All of Them

  • Etm.

    You may have noticed my use of the abbreviation etm. in various of my posts. I have been slowly replacing my use of etc with etm over the last several years, and this image is the reason why.