O Pennsyltucky – Chords and Lyrics

Have been working up an even folker version of Mischief Brew’s O Pennsyltucky for our Gomi Onna project. As part of that, in keeping our songbook together, I made a file with the chords and lyrics. I though maybe other people might want it as well.

Click for PDF

Párnástánc (Pillow Dance) – Tabs for Mandolin

I am still working my way through Chris Haigh’s Hungarian Fiddle Tunes. Some of the melodies are super alien to my ears. Some of them I recognize. This one (the Párnástánc) I posted a recording (below) to a mandolin Discord and someone asked for a tab of the tune. So here is a PDF (also below) of the melody in standard and TAB notation.

Image of the sheet music, containing standard and TAB notation for mandolin, for the tune Parnastanc.
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What I’m Listening to at the Moment

Now that I have gone from 80%+ of my day on the phone to something hovering around 0%, I have a lot more time to have my headphones on (or stream into my hearing aids, which is my default solution). I often go for lofi playlists without any words, but my default is always, always Bach.

Last night, however, instead of Bach’s two- and three-hand inventions (what I find myself humming when there is no music), I listened to this delight from Max Davies. And I was not disappointed.