Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Those who follow a strictly Gregorian calendar (and a whole lot of people who don’t know what that means) are celebrating the beginning of a new year and the opportunity for a fresh start today. While my life operates across a number of different calendars – fiscal, astral, seasonal, etc – I appreciate the opportunity to pause, reflect, and make corrections to my life. That is as true with my sleeping habits as it is my music, writing, painting, and other creative endeavors.


Site Update: Limited Availability

Ricky Ricardo

I did not post my practice plan for this week, and I have not recorded any progress videos. Today should be the end-of-week videos. I’m not planning on posting them. On Thursday, we lost Ricky Ricardo, my buddy buddy, and the best fan I have ever had. My world is upside-down right now and I will probably only be updating sporadically for a while.