Lately, I have been extremely interested in the intersections between the autistic community (my community) and the anti-racism work that I am involved with both at the city and in my personal life. Most particularly, I am trying to identify ways that I, and the community as a whole, can be both actively anti-racist AND celebrating of the awesome diversity within the autism and other adjacent neurospicy communities. And then a week or two back I discovered Levert the Bassman’s account on TikTok. This guy (I am assuming gender, based on Bassman) is incredible. Not only could I listen to him talk all day, every video of his I watch is like a mini masterclass.

I will be writing (and talking on the podcast) more about autism and anti-racism over on JimBob Jones in the next couple of weeks. It would be beyond amazing if I could interview Levert the Bassman, too, but I’m a nobody.

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