I recently took inventory of the bluegrass and oldtime tunes and songs that I know. While it is a huge increase from the 4 fiddle tunes I “knew” in July of this year, it just isn’t a very big list. Nothing compared to the pile of jazz standards I know, and not anywhere near enough to have the same kind of literacy in bluegrass/oldtime as I enjoyed on the piano with the body of jazz music. I want to know more, have a better vocabulary, and be all-around more fluent in speaking bluegrass (musically, that is) on my mandolin.

To facilitate such, at the beginning of December I set myself a challenge to learn three tunes and a couple songs each of the last weeks of the year (which is an increase of my regular 2 tunes and 1 song goal – the goal that I sometimes hit). Here at the start of Week 2, I am on track and excited.

2022 End-of-Year Sprint

1Chinquapin Huntingtune
1Angeline the Bakertune
1Cripple Creektune
1Bury Me Beneath the Willowsong
2Squirrel Hunterstune
2Eighth of Januarytune
2Forked Deertune
2Worried Man Bluessong
2East Tennessee Bluessong
3June Appletune
3Midnight on the Watertune
3Seneca Square Dancetune
3Blue Ridge Cabin Homesong
3Placeholder for Taborgrass Tunetune
3Placeholder for Taborgrass Songsong
3You Are My Sunshinesong
4Rocky Road Bluestune
4Tennessee Bluestune
4Red Apple Ragtune
4John Hardysong
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