Those who follow a strictly Gregorian calendar (and a whole lot of people who don’t know what that means) are celebrating the beginning of a new year and the opportunity for a fresh start today. While my life operates across a number of different calendars – fiscal, astral, seasonal, etc – I appreciate the opportunity to pause, reflect, and make corrections to my life. That is as true with my sleeping habits as it is my music, writing, painting, and other creative endeavors.

My Goals

I long ago gave up on the whole “resolution” thing – for better or worse, I am me, and that doesn’t look to be changing any time soon – and instead focus on the things that I want to accomplish and the directions in which I want to grow. And so, over the next several weeks, I will likely be exploring the things that I want to accomplish this year. Included in that are the Song of the Week and Tune of the Week lists, which I will post later today. Similarly, there are a bunch of things I want to learn, things I want to make, places I want to go. Without any attempt to be comprehensive, so far I have decided I want to:

  • Music
    • Play my mandolin every single day
    • Learn at least one new tune each week
    • Learn at least one new song each week
    • Start learning Irish flute
    • Continue practicing tenor banjo
    • Learn at least (memorize) two new piano sonatas
    • Start a band*
    • Play with other people at least once a week
    • Post 12 mandolin transcriptions to TS
    • Write 12 tunes
    • Write 12 songs
  • Other
    • Make a hammock using sail-making and sail-rigging techniques
    • Paint (this isn’t specific or measurable, but that’s ok – if I paint at all this year, I have met the goal)
    • Sell a couple paintings
    • Write and share 12 short stories
    • Make a cane

There will doubtlessly be others, as I go through the year. If I make additions, I will noted the date they were added.

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