Sometimes, when I a m not writing horrible bluegrass songs, I write poetry (although it has admittedly been a minute). Almost none of these have been seen beyond maybe a close friend or, as is the case with the poem here, the intended recipient. I wrote this poem for a former parter who had a profound impact on my life, and who I still feel deeply for, regardless of the way things turned out.

A Love Poem Is a Tricky Thing
December 2018

A love poem
Is a tricky thing.
For I am not the first to
Feel these feelings,
Or the first to search
The darkness of
The depths of the night
For Words precious enough
Or beautiful enough
To describe
Whatever it is.

But I am the first me
To first love you,
To find the Words
To say.
Unless you count the other mes
And the other you
Across the Universes.
For surely this feeling
Is bigger than one life.
Is bigger than one Universe.

And just now,
I found the Words
To describe the thing:
I love you,
So much that
Surely one life
And one Universe
Is much too small
To contain it.

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