LEGO #21324 – 123 Sesame Street – Reloaded

Where we left off, all the way back last October, I had built the first portion of the LEGO 123 Sesame Street set. In between then and now, a bunch of life happened. We lost one of our dogs. And the partner who gave me the set decided they didn’t want to be in my life anymore and moved away without a word.

So her I am, restarting the set. A couple pieces got knocked off. I was able to find most of them and get started again.

Minifig Ernie is soooo cute.

I like to watch cartoons while I build. Not when I was younger – I built for hours and hours in silence. But back them I had people to remind me to eat and to do things like go to bed before 2 am. So having a cartoon on while I build helps me to be conscious of time.

Tonight I got a little further. A bed (I don’t remember who lives on the first floor. Harry Monster?) and what I assume is Ernie and Bert’s tubbie. With the rubber ducky.

More to come later.



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