LEGO #21324 – 123 Sesame Street

LEGO #21324

As a child, LEGO was a major existence of my life. Between the ages of 3 and 14, I could be found laying on the floor with a massive scene – all rendered in rainbow-colored plastic bricks – set out before me.

I didn’t know the words at the time, but I have aphantasia. I don’t see pictures in my head and I don’t form visual memories. So the LEGO bricks and minifigures were my imagination. I would create whole scenes and tell myself a story of what was going on – adjusting the figures and scene as needed to keep up with the story. Like kinesthetic story illustrations.

I got older and involved in music and sports and dating, but still loved LEGO, even if I didn’t have the time to play with them like I always had. In time, my LEGO collection was passed on, along with my GI Joe and Masters of the Universe dolls, to my 4 beautiful children. And when I was separated from them (the children) by divorce, I also lost a lifetime of LEGO.

At the same time, Sesame Street has long, long been one of my favorites. I love Ernie and Big Bird and Snuffy. My first dog (I was 3) was named Barkley.

That Sesame Street logo has serious calming and happiness power in my heart.

So when my partner surprised me with a late, late birthday present to restart my collection, and it was Sesame Street LEGO. And it is, I think, the biggest set I have ever had (maybe the pirate ship or the space shuttle or one of the castles was bigger, but I don’t think so).

I hate stickers and LEGO.

The set has stickers. I hate when sets have stickers. I’ve always had shaky hands and I never get them on as perfectly as I want. So maybe that’s a strike against the set.

I built the first part, bag 1, tonight. There are already so many clever features that bring back tons of memories. I will post more about the set as I finish more.

Big Bird ❤️❤️



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