LEGO #40587 – Easter Basket (April 2023 GWP)

TL;DR – LEGO #40587 is a surprisingly fun build

Long- (and probably even short-) time readers of the Turtlshel Project may remember that I am Buddhist. I don’t get into the Christian holidays much – even the ones, like Easter, that have trappings coopted from other places.

So when I received LEGO’s April 2023 gift-with-purchase for purchases over $75 (which is almost enough to buy a minifigure these days), and it was an Easter basket with a bunny inside, my immediate plan was to pass it on to one of my many nieces and nephews.

The set say on my desk for almost a week while I pondered how to gift it without causing a war between all the nephs and nices. Unable to pursue my preferred option (buy enough LEGO to have 1 GWP for each of almost a dozen kids) for financial reasons, I decided on a whim after a long meeting to just build the thing.

And I’m so glad that I did. This was a really fun build.

A LEGO box, shown from the front, which displays a rendering of the model kit inside - and Easter basket with flowers and a bunny inside.
LEGO #40587 – Easter Basket (April 2023 GWP)

The set is 368 pieces, and the 68 page manual has 72 building steps*, which is a pretty hefty build for a free set (even if it does require a $75 purchase).

I won’t give a play-by-play of the build, because discovering all the cool tricks each designer uses to make their shapes is part of the fun of each set for me, and I would want to ruin that for anybody. But I will say that I am already thinking of ways to use the design of the round basket in building castle turrets and rocket bodies.

Also, I remembered to take some photos while I was building:

*macho LEGO traditionalist will complain that “in the old days” this would have been a 10-page booklet that made you THINK to build. I have two observations about that: 1) those people obviously have never had an autistic meltdown because they didn’t catch the nuance of some obscure change between one page and the next 30 steps ago using the old-style directions, and 2) those people are idiots. Just saying.



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