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A Brand New Turtlshel. All Over Again, Again

Hello, this is just me rebuilding the Turtlshel Project from scratch again. I went to make a post recently and had been locked out of the site, which had been taken over by hackers using Cyrillic characters (Russian? I couldn’t read it, so I don’t know). So I nuked everything and am starting over again, again.

I realize that the Turtlshel Project has changed and changed and changed over the now 21 years it has been in existence. I had just started to make some really good headway recently in gathering all of the various things that TS has been over the years into one new, consolidated version, with reposts of most of my best material over the years. This was anything from summaries of old geomorphology lectures to resources for advanced learners of Japanese, progress update videos as I’ve been learning the mandolin, thoughts about life as an autistic adult, fly tying, and LEGO.

My hope for the rebuilt site is that it will have much of the same kind of content – anything and everything that sparks my interest. It’s the way I live my life, and I hope that it will be the way I keep my site. So here is to the next 21 years of the Turtlshel Project (and a hope that this is the last rebuild for a while).




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